It’s good to be back…

I’m back again!!! As I have said, I will triumph my new found sport… and I have… and also, i would like to celebrate my latest acquisition of my new cellphone unit.. my new Nokia 6600…


E-mail Post!!!

How do you do this? uhmm… test 1 2 3… can anybody hear me?


I got my very first badminton racket, now i can make some racket… hehehe, I wonder if I can sustain this badminton fever that I’m having. I’ll be playing again this coming Saturday, oh sweet revenge… The last time I played, my opponent played with me… Kept me running to and fro the court… I will triumph this sport in flying colors… come and share my glory!!! bwahahahahahaha!!!

1st post

Testing… test 1 2 3… this is my first post on my first blog… now what is a blog? what do you really do to a blog? how did they even get the name blog?? well, you know what i think… blog my ass… buwahahahahahahahahah