#AMALAYER indeed

  1. We see a video of a hysterical woman going ballistic on a lady security guard. (note that I did not use the word “Lady” because it does not fit the person)
  2. The Lady Security Guard looked very calm and composed while being verbally abused.
  3. We notice the incorrect pronunciations and grammar and start to make fun of it.
  4. The internet has identified another person to be Cyber-Bullied not realizing the effects of this on her personal and professional life.

   Taking a few steps back trying to analyze things about this video, I realized a couple things.  First, any reactions are initially triggered by an initial action. Secondly, we don’t  really know what the reason was for her to overreact like this.  She may or may not have a reasonable explanation for reacting like this and the only way for us to find out is if we understood the whole story.  I am curious as to what the Lady Security Guard did to trigger this kind of reaction from her.

   To close this short opinion of mine. I am not in any way saying that what she did was right.  There are more civil ways of dealing with whatever it is that happened and this is not one of them.

   I hope she tells the whole story so people will understand.


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