A Drunk Driver’s Way Out

  Driving home from the mall with my daughter sleeping, I switched the radio to an AM station hoping to listen to some news.  I came across a radio station where someone was being interviewed about preventing drunk drivers from driving but still get home safely with their cars.  All you need to do is call them and ask for their help, for a minimal fee of course (your life is definitely worth more than that fee). 

  The service is called “Driver-on-Call” offered by Lifeline Rescue.  The concept is based on the saying “prevention is better than cure”.  They will provide you a trained professional driver to drive you home in your own car.  It makes perfect sense as one of his explanation regarding this service was that it will cost more sending an ambulance with at least 3-4 paramedics in case you get into a car accident plus the possibility of serious injuries or even getting you killed.  A few points that I think is important about the service is enumerated below.

  1. When you call them, they will not ask why but just send you assistance. Them acting first before asking questions ensures that your safety is placed above everything else. 
  2. They will send 2 people and a car to your location in approximately 30 mins. The first person is there to drive your car for you and the second is to ensure that the first person has a means of transportation after you’re safely home.
  3. This is not only exclusive to drunk people that needs to drive home but also to those who have difficulty driving, e.g. sprained ankle rendering you incapable of driving, under medication and is not in any condition to be driving a vehicle.
  4. Lastly, the service costs only Php500.00. Your own life is definitely worth more than this.

  Being someone who had first-hand experience wrecking a car because of driving under the influence, I find this service very reassuring and comforting. However, we need to remember that they are not a taxi service and should only be called whenever there’s an emergency.

For more information regarding the service, visit http://www.lifeline.com.ph/

To book a driver, please dial Lifeline’s Hotline 16-911 or alternative numbers 839-2520 to 30 and 0917-54-16911. It is preferable that 30 minute advanced notification be given to allow for the timely dispatch of the Lifeline vehicle. Fee shall be in the amount of Php500.00 per trip within Metro Manila, paid after the service.


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