I am 2012 – a year-end summary

As a 2011 year-ender, I have compiled this monthly summary of everything that has happened to me.

January: I started 2011 unemployed. On the 2nd week of the month, I got a new job with fantastic people around me. I don’t get paid as much as I used to but then again, who wants money and not be happy at the same time?

February: Me and the whole team successfully launched our new program. we are taking baby steps and we will eventually perform as expected from a fantastic team such as ours. Start of February also marked the date that me and my family moved out to our own place.  Rented out a place in Pasig while waiting for my Condo unit to be fully renovated.

March: Our program is starting to perform as expected of our team.

April: I was assigned my very own team of Technical Support Professionals and we have been working like clockwork firing on all cylinders. Before the month ended, I was pulled out from Setup and was tasked to spearhead Networking as the 3rd Line of Business to be launched under our program.

May: Using our experiences gained from launching Setup last February, we performed better than expected.  We hit the ground running and was exceptionally good at what we were doing.

June: Finally, additional support was added to our Networking family making it more efficient than ever.

July: Another new addition to our family prompted a reshuffle of teams.  This resulted in a sub-par performance from my team. I considered this a challenge that will be overcomed by hardwork and efficiency.

August: as expected from my team of exceptionally hardworking Support Professionals, we have exceeded our goals and have proven that it’s only a matter of time before we can be back on top.

September: my new place is finally fully renovated and ready for me to move in. After spending almost 3 full days of moving out and in resulting in exhaustion but with a sense of fulfillment, I have a place to call my own. One setback was when my daughter was rushed to the hospital because of a seizure.  She ended up doing well and hopefully this is the first and the last time that this happens.

October: My month.  The first time I celebrated my birthday with my own family. My loving wife and amazingly smart daughter. The first time celebrating my day with me and my family in my own place.

November: Blessings continued to pour in and I have been a recipient of all of it.

December: We spent Christmas with my family at my Parents’ house. Gifts opened under the tree and my sister home with her husband celebrating Christmas together.

Summary: A marvelous year full of blessings. A loving wife backing me up all the way and a lovely daughter to make all the hardships look like tiny bumps on a long roadtrip. I have nothing but thanks for everything.

Looking forward: 2012 is the Year of the Dragon.  Being born as a Dragon myself, I will make this coming year mine. I will not wait for it to fall on my lap but rather take it and make it mine. I AM 2012.