The Grand Finale! Three is a Company.

The Grand Finale! Manny “PacMan” Pacquiao vs. Erik “El Terrible” Morales III! What more can you ask for?

If you are an Erik Morales fan then you’d probably ask for more effort on the part of El Terrible, but for PacMan fans? All is proven. Why the title? Manny Pacquiao had a guaranteed 3 Million Dollar purse, knocking out Erik Morales on the 3rd round of the fight, with 3 seconds remaining til’ the end of the round and in the 3rd installment of the PacMan/El Terrible superfeatherweight rivalry, not to mention he was knocked down a total of 3 times.

What really caused Erik Morales’ loss? Without thinking, you would probably say that Manny Pacqiuao is the better fighter of the two, that is if you’re a PacMan fan. But in fairness to the PacMan, he was definitely better in almost every aspect possible. He was stronger, faster and heck he was even bigger physically. He actually looked like a welterweight division boxer. But personally I think it’s not all because of PacMan’s superiority over El Terrible, I think it’s mostly because of El Terrible himself. Why so? Do remember that they had a rematch clause on 2nd fight contract which prompted this 3rd outing. I’m sure that they both definitely knew about this. El Terrible already struggled to make the weight on their 2nd fight, he was knocked out in the 10th round and lost via KO for the first time in his illustrious boxing career. As the 3rd fight was all prepped up and waiting to happen, he should have known that he would again have a hard time making the 130 lbs. Super Featherweight limit. Then why the f#%k did he let himself gain that much weight? The last I’ve heard was that he weighed as much as 162 lbs. Planning to go Middleweight? Hell definitely not, he’ll get killed in that division. Just imagine shedding that much weight in 4 months and then going mano y mano with the very same fighter that knocked him out for the first time. That’s just sheer stupidity. What was he and his trainers thinking?

Manny Pacquiao improved his “boxing” skills big time. Being just a “fighter”, his improvement was amazing. The lateral movements, the counter-punching and who would’ve thought that he could still get stronger than he was before, not even mentioning his ever blinding speed. He threw 6-punch combinations within 2 to 3 seconds. Now that’s literally blinding speed. Props to the people’s champ for that. He just carved his name on the top of the pound for pound rankings.

Now, my previous article about the World Pool Championships held here in Manila, Philippines was more about how the politicians try and share (translated: hoard) the glory due the athletes. Now, here they come again. Wait until PacMan gets back home and you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about.


7 thoughts on “The Grand Finale! Three is a Company.

  1. tang ina… tang ina talaga! kumulo ang dugo ko nung nakita ko ang walanghiya! ang kapal talaga ng mukha. he was even waving to the crowd at ring side. baket, kampanyahan na ba?

    putik na buhay to, oo. sana man lang may nagagawang matino para sa bayan. tsk tsk.

    feel mo ba kung gaano na naman kainit ang ulo ko, BB? phew.

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