Virus Alert!!!

Kama Sutra Virus

   A day has passed just after the scheduled activation of the new virus/worm that’s been circulating via e-mail posed as perverted e-mails and I’ve been surfing the net for news regarding its effects. Fortunately, I haven’t seen much damage caused yet. BUT WAIT! No reason to rejoice yet, it’s the weekends and most people are not in their offices. Being that as it is, their computers are not turned on and won’t be noticing that their files are getting f#@%ed up already. I’m still reading around looking for ways and good tips on how to avoid being infected.

   For those who haven’t heard of the virus threat yet you may want to surf around and start gathering information about it. It’s not just a simple worm that Windows users have been experiencing for a few years now. It deletes Microsoft Office files (*.doc,*.xls,*.ppt,*.pps,*.mdb,*.mde) and Adobe files(*.pdf, *.psd). It also deletes/disables your existing antivirus and creates tons of copies of itself in specific folders. Another thing it does is add/edit entries in your registry to make sure it executes everytime you open Windows.

   Oh well, I hope the virus infection won’t get worse. DAMN! whoever invented the virus should be tortured and then re-tortured. Just imagine being infected with this stupid thing, I’d miss a couple of years’ worth of files.



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