Stupid is, as stupid does.

Friday morning, Feb. 3, ’06

Usual morning ceremonies, wake up, shower then I kiss my wife goodbye and start off to work. Passing by the 7-11 across the road and getting my usual dose of C2 green tea beverage. Then hopping on the jeepney which is waiting for passengers on the side of the street. Unfortunately, halos naka-park na siya sa tagal naghihintay ng pasahero, and to make matters worse he wasn’t even on the jeepney stop.
DANG! No wonder this country’s going down to the dogs! A simple traffic rule can’t even be followed. And then came this traffic officer asking the driver to move the vehicle or else he’ll be issuing him a traffic violation ticket. And then the fun part starts, the stupid driver seems to be mocking the officer by not budging even a bit. And then our friendly traffic officer starts brandishing his traffic ticket approaching our also friendly but definitely stupid driver. That’s when the jeepney moved.
And then the driver starts talking back to the officer, well it seems like he’s talking back with all this nonsense about not being considerate and not understanding the situation of them drivers but his voice was so low that even I, who was beside him, was having difficulty hearing his monologue. And then he starts to add some volume to his voice only when the jeepney was far enough for the traffic officer not to hear. Trying to sound like he’s a toughie? Maybe. For what? For me to hear? DAMN!
Aaahhh, quoting Forrest Gump, “Stupid is, as stupid does.” Enough of my senseless blabbering. Back to my ever boring and monotonous work…

Oh, and by the way, today’s my brother’s 21st birthday. I’ll be partying tonight…




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