Instant Messenger Virus alert… NOT!!!

   I have received a notice from yahoo, yet again, regarding an ID that is,”A Horrible Virus”. That when you add it to your list it kills your hard drive.

   Being the computer geek that I am and the smart ass that I am, I had to try and figure out if this was even possible.

   After much thought, about 2 minutes, I therefore conclude that this is all loads of crap. How the hell can an added name to your Instant messenger screw your computer up? JEEZ!!! What really bothers me is that I’ve received this stupid message about ‘N’ number of times already, which only means that people actually believe this crap. I just hope most of them would come to their senses and start to realize what kind of crap they’re actually believing in. I guess I’m just too smart for everybody huh? *snigger* lol. Anyways, here’s a copy of the actual message that I got.

“LISTEN UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If someone by the name of j_neutron07 wants to add you to their list dont accept it. Its a virus. Tell everyone on your list because if somebody on your list adds them you will get it too. It is a hard drive killer and a very horrible virus. Please pass this on to everyone on your list. We need to find out who using these accounts. Sorry for the inconvenience. Right click on your group name of your buddy list and click Send Message to all. Copy and paste this message. PLEASE COPY/PASTE AND REPOST”

Damn spammer!

All I can say is “KISS!”.


KISS! = Keep It Simple, Stupid!


Monday Bloody Monday!!!

GOOD MORNING!!! *flashing a cheerful smile*.

   Damn, who am I kidding? There’s nothing good about the morning. My mobile is dead with an empty battery, I wake up with a bit of hang over and I’m f%@#ing late for work. Plus the fact that it’s a Monday!

   Ahhh, Mondays…. The day of the week that I never got to like… My mantra for the day, “Today is Monday, it will not be a busy day.” repeat 3 times…

   Enough complaining for today, back to work… *yawn*

Virus Alert!!!

Kama Sutra Virus

   A day has passed just after the scheduled activation of the new virus/worm that’s been circulating via e-mail posed as perverted e-mails and I’ve been surfing the net for news regarding its effects. Fortunately, I haven’t seen much damage caused yet. BUT WAIT! No reason to rejoice yet, it’s the weekends and most people are not in their offices. Being that as it is, their computers are not turned on and won’t be noticing that their files are getting f#@%ed up already. I’m still reading around looking for ways and good tips on how to avoid being infected.

   For those who haven’t heard of the virus threat yet you may want to surf around and start gathering information about it. It’s not just a simple worm that Windows users have been experiencing for a few years now. It deletes Microsoft Office files (*.doc,*.xls,*.ppt,*.pps,*.mdb,*.mde) and Adobe files(*.pdf, *.psd). It also deletes/disables your existing antivirus and creates tons of copies of itself in specific folders. Another thing it does is add/edit entries in your registry to make sure it executes everytime you open Windows.

   Oh well, I hope the virus infection won’t get worse. DAMN! whoever invented the virus should be tortured and then re-tortured. Just imagine being infected with this stupid thing, I’d miss a couple of years’ worth of files.


Stupid is, as stupid does.

Friday morning, Feb. 3, ’06

Usual morning ceremonies, wake up, shower then I kiss my wife goodbye and start off to work. Passing by the 7-11 across the road and getting my usual dose of C2 green tea beverage. Then hopping on the jeepney which is waiting for passengers on the side of the street. Unfortunately, halos naka-park na siya sa tagal naghihintay ng pasahero, and to make matters worse he wasn’t even on the jeepney stop.
DANG! No wonder this country’s going down to the dogs! A simple traffic rule can’t even be followed. And then came this traffic officer asking the driver to move the vehicle or else he’ll be issuing him a traffic violation ticket. And then the fun part starts, the stupid driver seems to be mocking the officer by not budging even a bit. And then our friendly traffic officer starts brandishing his traffic ticket approaching our also friendly but definitely stupid driver. That’s when the jeepney moved.
And then the driver starts talking back to the officer, well it seems like he’s talking back with all this nonsense about not being considerate and not understanding the situation of them drivers but his voice was so low that even I, who was beside him, was having difficulty hearing his monologue. And then he starts to add some volume to his voice only when the jeepney was far enough for the traffic officer not to hear. Trying to sound like he’s a toughie? Maybe. For what? For me to hear? DAMN!
Aaahhh, quoting Forrest Gump, “Stupid is, as stupid does.” Enough of my senseless blabbering. Back to my ever boring and monotonous work…

Oh, and by the way, today’s my brother’s 21st birthday. I’ll be partying tonight…